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When Writing Keep It Simple, Stupid.

I vowed that when I started posting for this site that I’d keep the “preaching” and long-winded critiques to a minimum. And after some short and concise posts/reviews, I began to introduce more complex and detail into my content.

And even though I always TRY to construct simple and easy-to-digest posts, I instinctively want to write MORE.

Comprehensive reviews and posts interest me. I’m a deep thinker and want more thoughtful analysis. That doesn’t necessary mean BETTER analysis, just more.

So in total contradiction to my initial vow and the very idea I tried to promote here, I continue to make longer than needed reviews and posts. Oh well, perfection is still something outside of my grasp.

I will continue to try to condense my reviews. I will not always succeed. Sometimes I just can’t help myself;)

I’m reminded of an essay exam I had in high school English class:

  • The essay question was: How does one best convey meaning through written language?
  • And while nearly everyone spent pages and pages writing long and thoughtful answers to this question, a single student (not me) wrote one sentence, got up and left the room.
  • The next day we all got our graded exams back. And this student, who we were convinced had failed–miserably, received the highest grade out of all of our class.
  • His answer: The best way to convey meaning through written language is by being brief and using precise language.
  • Period.

Good answer. Wish I had thought of that.

Chad Schulz, Nov. 2013