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Spoilers Do Not Belong in Reviews–usually;)

Why do some review sites not limit the spoilers of the TV show/movie/book they’re reviewing and basically give the entire plot away?

I’ve always believed that the best and most useful reviews either encourage the reader to pursue watching/reading the subject under review or discourage them. A review needs to critique the content and the delivery in such a way to make the reader WANT to see it, or not want to see it. But many sites give away everything. Why?

Have we become a society of justification? Do we need the approval of others to determine our own likes and dislikes? If my friends like it, I can like it too. If this reviewer, whose a cool guy, hates this movie than I’ve been given permission to hate it also.

Giving away major spoilers is only “helpful” in justifying to the reader his/her own views on the subject. If I’ve never actually seen/read the subject of the review I certainly don’t want to read plot and character spoilers. I don’t want to know the secrets to the mysteries. Why even bother reading or watching it if I’ve already had the suspense ripped away?

Sure, great movies, TV shows, and books remain great movies, TV shows, and books even after watching/reading a second or third time. However, one can never get back the “virgin” viewing of a classic film. That first time you realize that Norman Bates’ mother is dead and he’s been playing her role all along–Oops major spoiler. This is the magic of surprise, and the reason we watch films like ‘Seven’ and ‘Psycho’, because we want to know what happens to these characters and be amazed!!!

If review sites gain the most traffic from people who are simply needing permission to like/dislike something, what does that say about our society?

I’m guilty as well. Sometimes I read other’s reviews to gain a little perspective on my own thoughts and maybe a little justification. I hope, in the end, that my opinion is still MY opinion and not someone else’s opinion piggy backed onto my own.

I offer mostly spoiler free reviews. If I feel the need to critique something that’s a major spoiler I will keep that part of the review hidden from view. The visitor must click on the “Show Major Spoiler” link to reveal that spoiler. I want to encourage people to watch/read the things I enjoy. I want them to see these things with a fresh perspective. If I get them to watch/read it based on my opinion I feel good.

I really don’t care if you agree with my opinions. Everyone has to reach their own conclusions about the merit of things, especially creative media and art. I simply want to promote the movies, TV shows, books, and the other subjects/objects of my affection.

Happy trails,

Chad Schulz