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I freakin’ love movies, all kinds of movies, from all time periods and countries.

But I usually hate movie critique. Why? Because the reviewer usually approaches the film not as a movie fan, but as a source of criticism . They criticize the plot, acting, direction, set design, music, production values, dialog, etc as though each of those elements make the whole.

Movies are much more organic than that. Yes, there are bad films. Sometime incredibly bad films. I find that most films made by people who believe in their film turn out quite well, even with bad acting, directing, music, etc. The real reason bad films exist is that a lot of them are made as a commodity, not out of passion or personal gratification in the making of them.

So when I review a film first I look to the reasons the film exist. Does it have a soul, a center, a heart? Were the film makers trying to make something special or were they just trying to make money?

And then I ask myself if I’m having fun watching it, will I think about it positively later on, and would I ever consider seeing it again? Anytime I answer yes to any/all of those questions and realizing the film has a heart/soul I almost always end up recommending the film.

And we’re living in the perfect age for movie making, as the technology and resources for making films are ever-expanding and becoming much less expensive. Indie films almost dominate my film watching experience. There is just so much to watch and enjoy out there in the world of film. Animation, thriller, horror, comedy, action, adventure, drama, fantasy, sci-fi in English, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.

If I find a screenwriter, director, producer, actor, or anyone involved in film making I really like I follow them around through one project at a time. I’ll look over back catalog material and cross-reference with others I like or might like and on an on. So I rarely watch a film without someone I enjoy involved with it either behind or in front of the camera. Therefore I usually know what I’m getting and rarely am I disappointed with the end results so much I have to stop watching. Many times I’m actually surprised at the outcome and/or quality of the film.

So I watch films as a fan of films and film makers. I try to find something worthwhile in what I spend my time (lots of time) doing. And most of my reviews reflect this.

You will rarely find a panned-by-me film on this site. If I dislike a film, I simply stop watching it. Sometimes I’m convinced by others to finish watching it, and only if I find redeeming value will I comment on it. If I wasted my time watching it, I’m not going to continue to waste more time reviewing it.

I’m providing you not with film criticism. But instead, with film recommendations. If you see a film reviewed here it will usually be because I enjoyed it. If you’re looking for someone to rip apart film acting, directing, writing, set design, music, production values, etc. look elsewhere. I love movies!