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This is the who, the what, the where, the how, and the when.

My name is Chad Schulz. I live in Fargo, North Dakota where I’ve grown up and lived my entire 40+ years. I have an obsessive fascination with all things technical; including computers, audio and video equipment, and now digital cameras. And since I was very small, I spend much (too much?) of my time watching movies, television shows, reading fiction, and listening to music.

At the age of eleven I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. My physicians made sure I learned everything I wanted to about diabetes and its management. And I’ve integrated both that knowledge and the all subsequent years worth of knowledge and experience into my own, mostly successful, management of this troublesome disease. As the years go on I’ve acquired a few nuisance “complications” to deal with, including gastroparesis. But I persist, determined to live a full, happy, and healthy life.

After many years wasting time on my hobbies, I felt that I should try to give a purpose to my obsessions. So besides offering my photo services to people, I started this website in hopes of using my interests and knowledge to educate (and entertain?) others. And perhaps there are others interested in reading about the experience of a life-long diabetic and my sometimes serious, and often humorous issues. As Ben Franklin once said, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” And the doing seemed like so much work, so…

I hope chadrschulz.com will continue to grow as I continue to grow. Every new review, guide, and opinion I post brings me closer to the website I see in my head, a complete resource on heavy rock/metal music, classic and “future” classic films, television, and novels. Where someone can also see what an amateur photographer, like myself can do, and maybe gain some direction in their own photo interests. A place where anybody can get insight into diabetic management from a person with lots of experiences and stories. And as I grew up in the 80s, the beginning of the personal computer era, I felt a little info on computers and what I’ve learned the last three decades in their use and misuse was also warranted.

Basically, this is a site about what I know, what I can do, and what I like and why. Especially the why, it is a blog site after all.

Feel free to send me a message, on anything, at anytime.

At some point I will allow commenting by viewers on specific posts and blogs. And I may integrate a forum for others to voice opinions and start their own discussions. But one must start small, and as of right now, I’m simply not that ambitious;)

And no banner ads. If traffic increases enough to require a more substantial investment in my hostsite, I may need some income from ads and such. But I wish to remain ad-free for as long as I can–I really hate those things. My mother tells me I have absolutely no business sense (she may be right!).

I’ll try to provide at least one new post/review a day, whenever possible. So come back once in a while to check out what’s new. And maybe tell you’re “friends” about this site. Remember I’m not looking for money, I just want to entertain and educate people with my stunning intellect and unparalleled wit;)

See ya,

September 2013

p.s. If you really want to give me money, I probably wouldn’t object–and I do a decent enough job editing photos (or so my mother tells me).

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